Timeless excellence

Our Philosophy

Marrying a proud heritage with forward-thinking innovations. Our philosophy centres on an unwavering commitment to superior quality - visible in the steadfast seaworthiness, master craftsmanship, modern technologies, and unmatched comfort aboard each Moody sailing yacht.

Living on one level

Live Unfenced

The Moody experience transcends mere amenities through the seamless design of one-level living. Here, the aft cockpit and expansive saloon merge into a single, continuous realm of luxury. Every step you take onboard embodies effortless transition and harmonious continuity.

Navigating Expertise

The Moody team shares a common passion for the sea and deep experience in the craft of sailing. It is a collective of experienced sailors whose professional experience ranges from agile sport yachts to majestic bluewater cruising yachts. Their pooled knowledge and practical experience infuse each Moody yacht with vitality, fortifying the durable construction and premium materials that have been the hallmark of our DNA for generations.