Why Choose Moody

With roots tracing back to 1827, the Moody engineering vision has been in the buildup for nearly two centuries. What began as a steadfast commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials has been honed to perfection in the modern era through state-of-the-art technology. Each sailing boat offers an unparalleled blend of agility, durability, and elegance, distinctly setting it apart in a crowded marketplace with ample sheltered and secure spaces. The design is one for life at sea, while comfort takes centre stage in the unique one-level living concept.

Seamless Integration

Living Unified

Moody takes a unique approach to modern yacht building with the "One Level Living" concept. Our craftsmanship redefines fluidity, elegantly erasing boundaries between indoor and outdoor experiences. Deck saloons with panoramic windows and sliding doors connect everybody on board with nature even when being inside.

Unyielding Keel-Hull Connection


The robust keel-hull connection is an essential safety feature for high seaworthiness. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components ensure that the keel is firmly anchored in the yacht's solid floor construction. This ensures the typical stability that characterises all Hanse yachts in this area too.

One-Piece Composite Bulkhead


All composite bulkheads are manufactured as single pieces using vacuum infusion. The result is a structure of exceptional stability, seamlessly reinforcing the hull, floor, and deck, leaving no room for compromise in the yacht's durability.

Pre-Balanced Rudder


Moody's pre-balanced rudder design places a portion of its blade ahead of the pivot point, maximising both safety and agility. This design lessens the helm's effort, while the large surface area provides effective control.

Effortless Command

Serenity at Sea

At Moody, simplicity meets sophistication. Features like self-tacking jibs, in-mast furling, double forestays, and robust winches are engineered as a pledge to skippers. Our yachts respond gracefully to every intent, ensuring life at sea remains as serene as a gentle breeze.
Strong, Robust Designs

Advanced Hull Architecture

Prioritising performance and seaworthiness, our award-winning models exhibit a contemporary hull design distinguished by features like a slender bow and a steeply pitched stem. These elements, in tandem with a long waterline, culminate in strong, robust constructions that astonish with their agility.

Optimal waterline design

Ingenious Design for space

Feel At Home

At the heart of each Moody yacht lies a commitment to unparalleled space utilisation. From innovative patio push and sliding doors to folding teak tables, every feature is tailored to enhance utility elegantly. Coupled with generous storage — say, full-size tender garages and spacious lockers — each yacht transforms into a floating apartment, ensuring both comfort and practicality on extended voyages.
Timeless Sailing

The Moody Excellence

All Moodys deliver exceptional sailing experiences. Our longstanding tradition of high-quality yacht construction is elevated by incorporating luxurious materials and flawless craftsmanship. Every Moody that leaves our shipyard is a testament to the expertise of seasoned professionals - people who have navigated both calm waters and stormy seas. Furthermore, each yacht undergoes a comprehensive series of real-world trials designed to ensure it meets the most rigorous safety standards. This thorough approach results in a product that exemplifies "Made in Germany" quality, consistently exceeding expectations in both performance and reliability.